Catherine Cocke

Catherine is a proud Texan who graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Globalization and Development. Prior to working at Kiva, Catherine interned with the non-profits Blood:Water Mission, Yabonga, World Vision, and Kiva itself and worked at Vanderbilt University's Global Education Office. Catherine has spent much time working in developing countries, including five months in South Africa. This experience along with other experiences throughout Africa and Latin America have made her passionately dedicated to international development work. In her spare time, you'll find Catherine hiking, cooking, and trying to find the best coffee shops and Mexican food in San Francisco.

Kiva Blog Updates

Feb 11, 2017 MX Mexico

Photo by: Catherine Cocke

For the first time ever, a few lucky and devoted Kiva lenders were extended the opportunity to see Kiva at work on the ground. This past week, these 7 lenders visited 2 Kiva Field Partners and their borrowers in Mexico City, as part of our first lender trip to the field. It was a unique and thrilling opportunity to see Kiva dollars at work, transforming lives and communities up close.

This post is the second of a 4 part series, which came to us during the... Continue Reading >>