Apr 16, 2007

Congratulations Kiva Lenders! On Friday you crossed the $5 million loaned mark - and we're still rolling! At this rate we'll reach our 2007 goal of $10m early.Don't forget to log in to Second Life today for our weekly meet-up.To get to the Kiva Virtual Office use this SLURL once you're in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Merricks%20Landing%202/106/165/24Thanks to Second Life's Linkz Marketing for building and supporting the Kiva Virtual Office. Continue Reading >>

Apr 13, 2007

If you live in the San Francisco area tune in to ABC7 News tonight at 5:00pm to watch a news story on Kiva.org! Premal Shah, Kiva.org President, will be explaining a little of the history of Kiva.org and how the program works, and there will even be an interview with a local Kiva Lender.If you haven't yet told everyone you know about Kiva.org, now's the time, before your friends start telling you! Continue Reading >>

Apr 12, 2007

That's right - the Kiva Community of users has now grown to 50,000!!! Add on the 7,700 entrepreneurs who've received loans through Kiva.org and suddenly we have a real global community of business partners.$25 might not seem like much, but when there are 50,000 of us joining together we suddenly become a powerful force enabling real opportunity in the lives of the working poor.Be empowered to change a life! Continue Reading >>

Apr 11, 2007

We are currently recruiting for the position Microfinance Partnerships Manager at the San Francisco office.Here's what we're looking for:

Microfinance Partnerships Manager San Francisco, CA – Downtown/Mission DistrictFull time with salary plus benefits.

As the newest member of Kiva’s Microfinance Partnerships team, you will be responsible for driving risk policy and product innovations that help scale our growth with microfinance institution (MFI) partners. You will also be responsible for monitoring Kiva’s entire portfolio risk.

... Continue Reading >>

Apr 10, 2007

Tonight's Frontline/World program will rebroadcast the documentary "Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way", which tells the story of Kiva.org and features Kiva Lenders and Entrepreneurs in San Francisco and Uganda.Last year this program virtually shut us down for four days as our server completely fell over in the face of an unprecedented response from Frontline/World viewers. In fact, the response was so overwhelming that the Frontline/World Editors commented on the response on their website.Well, this time we're ready! Our servers are fortified and our Field Partners have been gearing up in... Continue Reading >>

Apr 9, 2007

Kiva.org Community and Operations Manager, Fiona Ramsey, will be at the Kiva Virtual Office today at noon PDT to answer your questions about Kiva.org.To get to the Kiva Virtual Office use this SLURL once you're in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Merricks%20Landing%202/106/165/24 Continue Reading >>

Apr 6, 2007

Premal Shah, Kiva.org President, and Jonathan Morduch, professor of public policy and economics at New York University and co-author of "The Economics of Microfinance", were interviewed today on The Forum. The show featured a discussion on "Microfinance and Social Justice Philanthropy" and included calls from listeners.If you missed it on NPR, click here to listen to the show online.In other news... don't forget Kiva.org's second Second Life Meet-up will take place on Monday, April 9 at noon PDT. Our first meet-up featured some great discussion about how Kiva.org works with the... Continue Reading >>

Apr 5, 2007

Do you want more inside info on Kiva.org? Now you can get the inside scoop listening to Kiva Podcasts. The Kiva Podcasts will feature interviews with Kiva.org staff in San Francisco, Kiva Field Partner staff located around the globe and Kiva Lenders who'd like to share their experience lending through Kiva.org.Listen to your Kiva Podcasts here or register for the podcast on iTunes; just search for "Kiva" in the Podcast Directory. And if you're quick, you can be the first to write a customer review on iTunes. Continue Reading >>

Apr 4, 2007

October 31st will always be a special date in Kiva.org history.Just a year after Daily Kos launched Kiva.org to life, Frontline/WORLD launched Kiva.org into the stratosphere. When the documentary Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way first aired at 6:30pm PST on October 31st 2006 our website promptly crashed as viewers logged on to the website to make their first loan. Over the next four days our engineers worked day and night to get the website back up and able to handle the massive traffic spike. Within 2 months our loan volume had increased from $500k to $2m and it hasn't stopped. Thank you... Continue Reading >>

Apr 3, 2007

Are you excited about Kiva.org? Then Get Involved!Kiva.org is a tool for You - and we want you to make it your own, take ownership and get it out there!Have you checked out Kiva Friends? Meet other Kiva Lenders and enthusiasts, share ways to market Kiva.org in your local area and discuss any aspect of Kiva.org in The Lounge. This is a website for you, created by a Kiva Volunteer, so make the most of it!If you're in the Vancouver area, check out Agents of Change, a Canadian non-profit formed this year (by some of the most motivated people in the northern hemisphere), organizing a bike ride... Continue Reading >>