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Arahama gained a lot of independence since she got the loan. She can now provide quality education for her children, creating positive vibes in the house. 

A bake sale, a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, and a massive Kiva loan fund: how Hewett Polliack impressed the big bosses at Kiva.

Since she first received the Kiva loan, Yve-Car has molded the company into a successful venture and recently secured a partnership with Whole Foods for Kreyol Essence beauty products to be distributed at 250 locations worldwide.

Making a difference in the world is easier than you think. 

This quarter we are celebrating three of our incredible volunteers: JoEllen, Joann, Dara and Susan!

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Our series dedicated to sharing high-level impact progress at Kiva, straight from the perspective of our investment managers.

Training week consisted of five intense days filled with trainings, workshops, fun and delicious food.

How can we go about making formal, verifiable identity affordable for the unbanked?

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